ICS' integrated services and solutions can help industrial companies transform market challenges into competitive advantages.

A leader in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), our organization provides you with leading high mix/low volume (HM/LV) capabilities. We give industrial companies the opportunity to improve their financial performance by providing:

Customized Manufacturing Solutions – We can assist your company in making the transition from an in-house manufacturing model to an outsourced operating model. Our focus on delivering outstanding customer service enables us to customize an outsourcing solution that is ideally suited to your needs. As an integral part of your team, we ensure that the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution is developed to strengthen the links in your value chain – giving you a competitive advantage in your market. Our approach includes:

  • Outsourcing impact modeling for your business
  • Collaborative assessment of your needs to design an outsourcing solution that can evolve with your unique requirements
  • Transition support and guidance in moving to an outsourcing partnership mode
  • Access to our integrated services and solutions to manage your products from design to end-of-life
  • Innovative Processes and Technologies – ICS is committed to maintaining a competitive edge by continuously updating our manufacturing facility. By employing the most advanced computer-controlled equipment – coupled with a our client-focused infrastructure process – ICS not only has the equipment capabilities to meet your varying needs, we also have the depth of a fully integrated system to get the job done well, on time, and on budget.

Comprehensive supply chain management capabilities – Our years of experience with a broad range of customers in a variety of industries allows us to bring a depth of expertise and best practices to your business. ICS’s commitment to our partner relationships allows us the resources to offer significant value-added opportunities in the areas of component selection, commodity management planning, automated forecasting, and logistics for direct order fulfillment. This system is a seamless process from design to delivery, allowing the client to see and receive real time data during every step of the manufacturing process. Change design to order entry.

Partner Volume Purchasing Power – The accountability and best practices that you expect from us as a partner are the same expectations that we place on our vendors. The volume that we purchase with our core group of vendors is an advantage to getting great pricing, but it is our approach to making our vendors accountable that gives us a competitive edge. That accountability transfers into savings that is passed along to you.

As your EMS partner we focus on our core competencies, allowing you to focus on yours. Freeing up your resources and capital for areas that differentiate your company, such as R&D, sales, branding, and customer relationships, provides you with the competitive advantage you need to be a leader in a dynamic marketplace.

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